Welcome to Data Vault Certification.  This certification is offered by me exclusively and is the best in the world.

For those of you who don’t know or who have a question about it, I am the author, inventor and sole founder of the Data Vault model, Data Vault methodology, and Data Vault Architecture.

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The value of DV2.0 Certification

DV2.0 addresses today’s corporate needs.  It contains essential technologies and processing architectures that go beyond the simple Data Vault model.  The new certification covers topics like Real-Time processing, Big Data Processing, and structural changes to the Data Vault Model that make it easier and faster to use.  In addition, the new material focuses on how to get data out of a Data Vault and in to a Data Mart.

Topics covered:

  • Review of Data Vault Modeling
  • DV2.0 Model Changes
  • DV2.0 Real Time Processing
  • SQL processing / Loading of the Data Vault
  • Big Data Processing & Linking (Hive + Hadoop)
  • Building a Data Mart from a Data Vault


  • Must have read the Data Vault Modeling book: Super Charge Your EDW before attending class