Services & Training

world class training!

we offer the best business intelligence and data vault training & education in the world.  in fact, we are the only place you can get trained on data vault 2.0.   data vault alliance is a wonderful resource for engaging in our course offerings, finding out about our consulting services, and training components.

services we offer include:

  • kick start program
  • advanced accelerator program
  • assessment & review program

you can see full descriptions of these services on data vault alliance  (including customer testimonials) and success stories.

we offer full data vault 2.0 certification – ie: cdvp2 (certified data vault 2.0 practitioner), and soon, will offer a host of new certifications as well.

data vault 2.0 is backed by scott ambler (father of agile manifesto) for it’s agility components.  it contains best practices around scrum, agile, six sigma, tqm, function point analysis, implementation, methodology, and architecture.  data vault 2.0 also is architected to work with big data and nosql platforms, seamlessly integrating these platforms with your existing relational (rdbms) platforms.

visit our site: data vault alliance  to learn more.  there are a host of free videos and training resources that can get you started.