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WWDVC 2015 – Materials Available!

to all, this post is a wrap-up of wwdvc 2015!  thanks to everyone for making it a huge success.  to those of you whom missed the event, or were unable to attend, we have a treat for you.  materials are no longer available.

don’t wait though, we will be removing the materials from public purchase on october 1st, 2015 in order to prepare for wwdvc 2016!

before you leave this post /

or decide not to buy, consider this…

  1. we have videos of most presenters available (including claudia imhoff!)
  2. we have audio / screen recordings of some of the presenters, including software demos
  3. we have all the slides converted to colorful pdf formats, available for downloads for you to follow along.
  4. this is not your average conference material!  power-packed training, almost like being there! (but not quite)… 🙂

why do the materials cost more than the conference fee?

because we want you to attend!! attend next year, and get the information first hand!

go to for the current conference information

materials are no longer available.

the event review…

we kicked off the event in beautiful stowe, vermont at the von trapp family lodge (of sound of music fame).  incredible weather, and a grand location.  such a treat!  the staff were fantastic, and the facilities were amazing, thank you von trapp lodge!

claudia imhoff started us off with a keynote address, called unleashing the power of analytics, where she compared the 1980’s electronics with today’s technology.  what a difference!  she also moved in quickly to discuss the impact of big data, and hadoop on the world stage, enlightening us to what she is seeing executives ask for.  she even said, one ceo asked her for a “hadoop thingy” because he read about it on the plane…

then, i discussed big data, nosql and data vault 2.0 (dv2) in more detail.  i chatted about the impacts of big data, what nosql means – the skills you need to have (if you don’t already), and how data vault 2.0 has been adapted to meet the needs of these new systems.  i also discussed (albeit briefly) the impact of i.o.t (internet of things)…  a talk not to be missed.  that’s for sure.

kent graziano got up and shared with us a real-world case study about how data vault 2.0 works in their customers’ environment (mckesson healthcare if i’m not mistaken).  fantastic details on how they virtualized some of their marts, and built on dv2 hashing principles.

we were treated to dirk lerner, and his very interesting take on temporal data sets, and how multi-temporality plays in the data vault 2.0 solution set.  he covered some really cool examples of matching timelines to sql queries, and discussed the problem of grain.  neat stuff!

dirk schittko was next, and continued discussing temporality, and a really interesting case study about a customer they helped by building a dv2 solution set.  while his talk was bi beyond graphs and tables, there were no graphs, and no tables in his presentation at all. it was a hoot to listen to.

it was late in the day, a long first day, but roelant vos from australia got up (literally in the middle of his night) to present to us a real enterprise case study of allianz global, and how they are leveraging data vault 2.0 solution sets.

he then continued on in to the evening talking about bleeding edge dv2 virtualization.  he actually managed to virtualize an entire data vault model!!  this was amazing, but really cool.  his caveat was: don’t put volume through this, but it’s good for testing and feasibility.

day 1 closed off nicely with a number of us chatting over dinner, and on in to the night.  claudia joined in, as did sam benedict, and a number of other folks.

mary mink and sam bendayan from ultimate software, kicked off day 2 with a bang.  they talked (not long enough i might add) about how they built a dv2 solution for real-time data warehousing inside their software company.  they provide platform as a service to their customers, and have backed all their analytics for some 3000 customers with a dv2 solution!  really neat stuff.

then it was my business partner, sanjay pande’s turn.  you should have seen him go!  like a kid in a candy store, he lit up and spoke brilliantly about hadoop technology, storage formats, big data and the research he’s been doing with dv2 on hadoop and other nosql platforms.  this certainly was a presentation well worth the price of admission!

at long last, my good friend & dv2 supporter, scott ambler took the stage.  he told a few stories (real life ones), a few jokes, and put down the gauntlet – told everyone to pay attention to disciplined agile delivery.  all joking aside, his presentation was top-notch.  he explained why and how dad works with dv2 methodology to “get-it-done.”  we loved the lessons…

we were in for a treat when raphael klebanov of wherescape took the stage.  he presented the new and evolving tooling by wherescape to support data vault 2.0 efforts, including sql generation, hashing technology, wherescape 3d modeling solution, and more…  it’s a shame he couldn’t stay longer to chat with everyone, there were a lot of questions, but the presentation was awesome!

michael muller from mid gmbh was up next.  it was great to see all the neat new features they put in to their innovator tool.  this really is a cool tool!  it has tons of power and capabilities, yes – it has a learning curve, but anything that powerful deserves your time.  the innovator tool can do business process modeling, metadata modeling and capture, logical modeling, data modeling, and sql code generation and a whole lot more.  if you don’t know about this tool, you need to check it out.  michael not only told us where and how it fit in dv2 landscape, but also then demo’d the tool for the audience, with a focus on data vault 2.0.

and then…  we came near to the end of day 2  but wait, there was one more presenter to go..

bang – out of the gate, down the stretch, in to the final turn, and across the finish line we went…  wow, what a rush.  i’m talking about our biggest sponsor: analytixds.  sam benedict and robert scott took the stage to discuss their new feature sets including big data solutions, and support for data vault 2.0 across all their code generation features.  what a welcome presentation this was.  i really enjoyed their presentation, sam pitched sales for about 15 minutes (which we needed), and then let robert do a demo of the full tool focused on dv2 support and code generation direct in to informatica.  everyone was full of wonder, wide-eyed, and wondering how to get a hold of the tool.

that final presentation was not to be outdone however – sam and analytixds then sponsored a dinner event, the food was fantastic!  the desert was amazing – oh and did i mention the incredibly good networking going on all day long?  really a top-notch event for such a little conference, thank-you guys!  i really appreciate your support.

oh yea, your tool is great too, can’t wait to get my hands on the latest release.

day 3 began…

kent graziano kicked off the morning with his presentation (deeper dive) in to virtual dimensions, and marts.  using dv2 hashing as a center piece.  he showed us the sql, and the model, along with the data set examples of how to derive type 1 and type 2 dimensions in views in oracle.  he discussed a bit about exadata and how dv2 screams on that solution.

we wrapped it up with our business partners: doerffler & partner, christian haedrich brought it home with an excellent talk about multi-temporality.  he showed off some killer powerpoint skills too, by having dominik kroner animate much of the sql and graphs, so they scrolled on demand…  wow, cool work!  but the talk had the seriousness of how d&p deals with a client case specific to temporality.

don’t forget, this last day was crazy shirt day!!   sam and analytixds again stepped to the plate, and gave the winner a set of beats headphones, while i gave copies of my book: data architecture: a primer for the data scientist co-authored with bill inmon.

then, sanjay and i wrapped things up, and are preparing for next year!

additional write-ups from friends, about the event:

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