Thinking Radically Interview with Dan Linstedt

i had a very interesting interview with a well noted author for technology evaluation centers.  the results are great, and i encourage you to read the blog posted here:  the interviewer was jorge garcia.

the questions that i tried to answer are:

  • jg: could you briefly explain the data vault methodology and its main features?
  • jg. what was the main issue to be solved with the creation of the data vault methodology?
  • jg. how do you think the data vault methodology fits in terms of how it deals with unstructured or semi-structured types of data (especially coming from social media sources) and the semantic web model?
  • jg. for companies that have traditional data warehouse strategies in place, what would be the first thing to consider in moving to a data vault-based infrastructure?
  • jg. can the data vault methodology help companies to address specific need such as real-time needs, and complex data integration processes?
  • jg. what is your opinion in regard to cloud computing, especially regarding its use for data warehouse functions like data integration (like informatica cloud) or data analysis (vertica, infobright)? advantages and disadvantages? is the cloud inevitable?
  • jg. large companies are struggling to manage extremely large amounts of information and there is a lot of noise about “big data” problems. how do you think companies should start facing this problem? what elements should be considered in order to put a strategy in place?

again, you can find the interview and my answers here:

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