Scott Ambler on Data Vault Modeling

there shouldn’t be any question about the data vault model being agile or not, or enabling “agile business intelligence”.  scott ambler gave me the following quote:  this book captures a practical body of knowledge for data warehouse development which both agile and traditional practitioners will benefit from. i keep a copy on my ipad so that i have ready access to it when working with clients. ‘nuff said.  scott ambler, march 2011

which you will find on the book once i publish a 2nd edition.  scott was very gracious in his review of the material, and provided tons of feedback.  so much feedback for every chapter, that it will take me a few more months before i can publish a 2nd edition.  but i think this says it all, (or it should contribute something good).  scott thinks the dv is a contributing factor to agile and traditional practitioners.  i hope you enjoy this quote.


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