#dvseminar – Data Vault Seminar Smashing Success

i recently attended / presented at a two day seminar (#dvseminar) held in the netherlands by dikw academy.  they did an outstanding job.  the food, the location, even the weather cooperated (warm and sunny).  there were lots of presentations, and even more things to learn.  so much so, that i think (if i’m not mistaken) we are going to try and do it again next year – with 1 hour presentations, more speakers, and if we can get more participants, then i think we will be able to run 2 tracks (one business, one technical).  as an informal way of gathering information, if you’d really like to attend next year, please leave a comment at the end of this post with your name and email.  we can put you on the notification list for next year!

first, in case you are wondering where are all the places to get data vault model and methodology information?  let me share with you.

* http://datavaultalliance.com – you can watch informative videos, and purchase the e-book (with bonus downloads) about the standards and technical modeling of the data vault.

* http://datavaultalliance.com – where you can get all your certification needs met.

* http://twitter.com/dlinstedt –  search the hashtag: #datavault

* http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostpopular=&gid=44926&trk=myg_ugrp_ovr – data vault discussions group on linkedin – free for everyone

* here: http://danlinstedt.com – my blog for data vault

now, on to the seminar…

the seminar covered quite a few customer based real-world implementations of the data vault.  they included the trials/issues and solutions that the consultants applied in order to make things work in their environment.  i enjoyed learning how the data vault really made their projects worth-while to work on, as well as finding out just what caused them pain as they went through the process.  the most interesting thing for me was to hear how the model architecture did what it was designed to do: expose the business problems that existed in their customer sites.

the consultants were really inventive and proposed some new methods for implementation (loading, querying, using) within the data vault.  i was most impressed by all the generation efforts that are going on.  finally, at last, we consultants in the world of edw have a solid, repeatable foundation from which we can automate much of the “drudgery” that we used to build by hand.

ronald damhof referred to the data vault model & methodology as being an evolution in data warehousing, this is something close to my heart, and something i truly believe.  all things must mature, grow, evolve and change, or of course die….  but luckily we’ve found new life in the bi applications.  we discussed self-service bi, the future world of models learning to adjust themselves, along with ontology’s, taxonomies, and the basic principles of information engineering and knowledge management.  i personally believe the next highlight to come with the data vault will be “hooking in” the vast amount of knowledge housed in ontology’s.  and not just hooking it in, but actually applying the knowledge to assist with the building of our data models.  i think this has long been a missing piece in modeling data for the enterprise, and it’s high time we took notice of the semantic power housed within the information.

other presentations focused on staging out, automation of etl, implementation of specific modeling components, and how to handle really crappy data – but still make a difference in the business.

overall, i think the presentations far exceeded my expectations, and i want to thank those in the audience for really digging in, engaging and posing difficult (but necessary) questions throughout.   it was very much a lively group with great discussions (and at times some debate within the audience) about what to do with specific parts of the architecture.

ultimately (to me as the inventor/creator/author of the data vault model and methodology) this conference was a tremendous honor and a fantastic place to learn how different people are applying these concepts with great success.  i think, this conference may very well become the “world data vault conference” over the coming years (at least that’s my hope).

thank-you to everyone for participating in the audience, as well as to the speakers, and to the organizers: simone & kasper who head up dikw academy.

dan linstedt

ps: i’d love to hear your thoughts on the conference as well – what highlights struck you?  and if you didn’t attend (but want to next year) – what do you want to hear about? please leave a comment if you’d like to attend next year…

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