#datavault – interesting .NET ETL engine

i was told about this “etl engine / library” of functionality for microsoft, mssqlserver, and .net.  it’s really interesting from the sense that the gentleman who wrote it, did a fairly good job of abstracting code layers and providing functions that are necessary to make things work.  it’s called rhino etl, and i believe it’s “open-source”, but you need an ms visual studio license to use it.


  • custom access to transformation routines
  • not strong typed for data
  • fast, easy access to sqlserver and standard .net libraries and dll functions
  • cost, it’s cheap!
  • windows based


  • no gui for development
  • no “metadata driven design”
  • may or may not be the “best” etl engine to access other rdbms systems, depends on the .dll’s for connectivity

the best part about this?

you can adapt your existing etl code generation system to generate rhino etl scripts, and be on your way very very quickly in a microsoft environment.

a good overview video is here: http://blip.tv/ineta-live/writing-etl-jobs-with-c-using-rhino-etl-by-paul-barriere-dallas-c-sig-ug-on-03-04-2010-3323370


dan linstedt

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