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#datavault 2.0 Boot Camp + Private Certification in Berlin

have you been wanting to get certified in data vault 2.0?  do you want to take the class directly from me?  now is possibly your only chance in 2015!  i do not have time, or plans this year to teach this class again until 2016.

i will be teaching this course in berlin in june.  the details and registration are available on my partners web-site:  doerffler & partner if you are anywhere in europe, and wish to receive your dv2 certified practitioner status, then i encourage you to sign up now!

why not teach this course again?

as many of you know i am hard at work with my co-author michael olschimke on a brand new book for data vault 2.0.   this book has taken much of my time this year, as has the work and preparations for this years wwdvc conference.

this book will be at least 550 pages of end-to-end discussion, description, definition and hands-on work involving data vault 2.0 specifics.  we use a real-world model with real-world data sets from the airline industry.  we walk through many of the typical situations and scenarios you run into in every day work; from missing business keys to duplicate definitions, to changes to data status and start/end of relationships.

the book is due to be published in q3 of 2015 by morgan kaufman (elsevier) and will be available on amazon bookshelves as well.  i am very pleased about this book.  please note: we had to centralize all the examples on a single ubiquitous platform.  we choose to implement all the examples on microsoft sqlserver and azure technology.

the book is written in such a way that you can easily port the concepts to other technology and other platforms.

last chance in 2015 to get certified in dv2!

i may not have time to offer this course again in person, in 2015.  as i hope to finish up the recordings of the course, and have the course on-line by q4-2015.  my time-line for on-line course has slipped back quite a bit.  the reason?  the class is undergoing serious re-work and re-alignment to bring in nosql, big data concepts, and fundamentals from the book!

so, if you want to get certified by me, in 2015 – sign up now, register for the class.  berlin is easy to get to.

hope to see you there!

dan linstedt

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