#datavault 2.0 boot camp & Private certification – Germany

another opportunity to get certified in data vault 2.0 in europe! in fact, there are two opportunities coming up. the first is with my partner: doerffler & partner.  this is your last chance to get dv2 certified before the new year!!  find out what the buzz is all about, learn why dv2 is so much more than just “a hash key”, upgrade your certification to dv2!!  enroll in the class today!

the class will be in german, in october. you can read the details & sign up here:

yes, this class includes private certification!!

don’t delay! get your spot today!

last possible opportunity to get data vault 2.0 certified in 2014!!

if you miss the october class, you can sign up for the one in december.  it will be the very last opportunity in 2014 to get dv2 certified!  i will be teaching this course, and yes it includes private certification.

hope to see you here:



dan linstedt

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