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Brand new #datavault 2.0 Materials!

hello everyone, i hope you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new book (co-author: michael olschimke) called: building a scalable data warehouse with data vault 2.0.  i am very very excited, we are nearing the final stretches, and morgan kaufman (el sevier) has done a tremendous editing job getting everything prepped.  you can pre-order the book now on

the news?  what’s the news?

i’ve been hard at work updating the cdvp2 (certified data vault 2.0 practitioner) class materials.  yes, i know it’s long overdue!   the new materials are far better, and more consistent – they also track with the book and the book’s examples.  this way, you can download the sample files and follow along! you can use the book as a hands-on study guide.   yep, we’ve provided the downloadable data set, data models, and more for use in data vault 2.0 – including the ssis jobs for sqlserver.

some of the things you’ve been wanting are now part of the class…  below is a list of topics that i cover in the class, many of the materials have been upgraded and enhanced:

  • brand new and upgraded section on hashing, hash collisions, and how to work with hashes
  • brand new material on common terminology, including last seen dates, sub sequence numbers, type coding in hubs and links, primary indexes (sharding & mpp)
  • brand new material on handling a historical data vault & pre-loading
  • upgraded materials on load dates, load end-dates, and how & why they don’t apply in nosql
  • brand new materials on business keys, business process management, tracking business keys, cycle time reduction, kpa’s and kpi’s
  • brand new & re-worked examples for core data vault structures, for both nosql hadoop and relational environments
  • completely re-worked section on dependent child or weak hub notions, including addressing temporality and effectivity satellites for links / relationships.
  • brand new material on dealing with master data, and managed self service bi
  • upgraded materials on point in time, and bridge tables – including how to load, how to query, and best practices for time-boxing, and hints and tips for data mart virtualization
  • new discussions on scrum and agile, six sigma, and kpa’s and kpi’s
  • new materials on data mart virtualization and surfing through your data lake

and a whole bunch more!!  there is far too much material to post here, but i can assure you this – this is not the same class you had 2 years ago!  i’ve expanded, and added big data topics, nosql topics, including: leveraging hadoop as a psa.

are you data vault 1.0 certified?  cdvdm?

want to bring your skills up to cdvp2?

no problem!  i will be offering a discount coupon to all those who want to learn more about cdvp2, or even engage in the cdvp2 exam.

take the cdvp2 class (for a discount!).  prove to me that you have a cdvdm, and i will give you a significant discount to attend the class in person, or on-line.

where can i get this new material?

only in the cdvp2 course!  that’s the only way.  you can get it in my upcoming classes in finland in two weeks, or with kent graziano in texas in september, or with my class in saint albans, vermont in october – after that, it will be made available on-line!

if you have questions or comments, please reply below.  i’d love to hear from you.  is there something you want to learn that i haven’t covered here?  let me know.


dan linstedt

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