2014 #datavault 2.0 Boot Camp – Germany, #bigdata #nosql

announcing brand new data vault 2.0 boot camp & private certification in germany, december 2014!  get your seats now, as they are filling up fast.  i’m teaching!  sign up here: http://www.mid.de/en/data-vault-training


if you are in europe, and are really interested in learning and understanding data vault 2.0, then this is a must-see opportunity!  even for folks who have data vault 1.0 experience will tell you, that this class changes the playing field.

there is so much new material to learn, see, understand.

data vault 2.0 certified practitioner goes way beyond simple data vault modeling.  we discuss agility, scrum, six sigma, tqm, managed self-service bi, and a whole lot more!!

we dive in deep to technical knowledge including: nosql, big data drivers, hybrid systems (and current issues), along with building a hybrid in your environment, best practices for nosql implementation.  we go through such topics as data layout, mpp, re-distribution, indexing, data co-location, and so on.

we also define and discuss the purpose of business vaults, and virtualized star schemas (ie: data marts)…

do not miss this opportunity to become a certified data vault 2.0 practitioner!!

even if you are already data vault 1.0 modeler certified.

i will be teaching the class, it is a good idea to pre-read my book: super charge your data warehouse before attending the class for a full and complete understanding of the data vault 1.0 modeling techniques.

have questions?  drop me an email:



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