Oracle Warehouse Builder Install & Setup 11gR2

i recently setup owb for 11g r2 right after installing oracle 11g.  it’s fairly smooth to do, but there are some quirks along the way, enough to drive you batty.  so i thought i’d share a few hints and techniques here…

1) during install, use the repository administration creation utility…  but before you start, create the repository users and repository owner in the target database first, also – grant them all the owb_user role.  otherwise, having owb “create users” can cause problems along the way (it did for me anyhow)…

2) make sure your owb user/owner is not the same as a source/target user in your database.

3) run the admin/create on the same server as the oracle server instance!!  i found out the hard way, that the stand-alone client for owb doesn’t have all the necessary “install & prep” scripts needed for the repository.

4) after successful install (you may need to run it twice or three times), go to all the invalid packages in the owb schema, and “re-compile them” completely, one at a time in alphabetical order.  this should fix the invalid packages (my install had about 5) that are needed for deployment.

5) after that, run owb, log in for the first time – say no to the upgrade option, and configure your workspace to have the proper work areas.

oh by the way, if you ever get “java errors” while working with a mapping, then most likely the mapping is “corrupted” which means you must delete it and re-create it.  sometimes, it’s as easy as deleting only one of the corrupted transformations, and re-adding it.

you should be good to go.

dan l

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3 Responses to “Oracle Warehouse Builder Install & Setup 11gR2”

  1. gerardnico 2010/05/20 at 4:37 am #

    Thanks to take the time for this feedback and the other entries. I will see in the next couple of week.


  2. RonaldKunenborg 2010/09/24 at 3:30 pm #

    Hi Dan,

    it looks like OWB installs are still a mess. We tried to install OWB 11 on an Oracle 10g database – don’t do it. Apparently Oracle 11g comes with a number of applications and libraries that OWB now expects to be present and does not install by itself.

    Well, we went back to OWB 10 with Oracle 10g. This took two weeks because of numerous bugs and issues. We had Red Hat Linux at one patchlevel higher than what it was certified for, and it was a big problem. Our DBA worked with Oracle to get most of the issues resolved but boy was it a mess. We had Oracle senior consultants on it and even they couldn’t solve a number of issues.

  3. dlinstedt 2010/09/24 at 3:35 pm #

    Ouch, that must have hurt! I can empathize with you. 11g install wasn’t a bed of roses either, but after the third time re-installing, it all worked well (at least on my Windows Server machine).

    Keep us updated as you move forward, love to hear what happens next.

    Dan L

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