Oracle Configuration on Windows Vista…

what a pain.  i’ve finally got my windows vista box up and running with oracle 11g – but it took quite a bit of fiddling with the settings.  the install went great, then i tried to launch the configuration, that’s where things headed south…  i learned about a couple tricks that i used to make it go…  here they are.   ** i continually received error code 2 from the oracle console service, and managed to fix it***

1) find the file on your windows system, add a line called:

* in my case it was new york, you’ll have to figure out what the proper time-zone is in your area to set it to.

2) make sure your clock and timezone and daylight savings time are set properly, or nothing will move forward

3) change the sqlnet.ora file from ntfs (security) to the following:  (on both the vista server, and the client – if accessing from somewhere else).

sqlnet.authentication_services = (none)

4) make sure your machine name is available in the local hosts file (windows/system32/drivers/etc) directory

5) don’t use localhost in your tnsnames

6) change listener.ora to add a listener via your machine name (leave localhost if already specified, add a new line)

7) add an entry to tnsnames.ora for your machine (should already be there, but change the alias from orcl to your machine name (without the domain), just makes things easier)

7) shut-down all services, restart all services

8) run tnsping <name of new service>  – should return successfully

9) try to start the oracledbconsole service, it should work – and you should be good to go.

i didn’t need any loopback adapters, by the way: if you run your windows boxes by dhcp, and you re-boot the windows box, and your ip changes, then you could be in trouble if you added an ip address as the host in tnsnames.ora or hosts file…  i always use machine names to resolve instead because of this.

hope this helps,
dan l


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