What would “Support” bring you?

i’m suggesting a support model on this web-site, and right now i’m kicking around a few ideas. i’d love to hear what you think support can bring to the table for you, but here are a few ideas i have, let me know what you like/don’t like – what you want, by replying/commenting.

support may contain:

  • preliminary access to the data vault modeling book
  • access to project planning (data vault methodology) resources/downloads
  • access to frequently asked questions & lengthy consulting like answers
  • maybe a set of “support” questions and answers?  meaning, you as a customer can ask questions normally answered in a consulting format, and receive answers as if i was working with you.
  • specifics on implementation (the 3rd book to come): technical data vault implementation??  where the rubber hits the road so to speak…
  • customer contacts, and success stories???

just some ideas, what’s on your mind, and what would you want to see?  answer the poll – let me know if you’d pay for something like this.

dan l


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