What is the Data Vault? in Brief

the data vault model is an enterprise data warehousing modeling technique. 

the data vault model is a flexible, scalable, and consistent “common foundational warehouse model architecture.”  the modeling technique is covered by an implementation methodology.  the data vault methodology is a set of data warehousing implementation components, consisting of project plans, design constructs, etl loading templates, risk analysis, and repeatable, consistent build out strategies.  the project / implementation methodology has it’s basis in sei/cmmi software engineering level 5 components. 

“the data vault is the optimal choice for modeling the edw in the dw 2.0 framework.”, bill inmon, june 2007 

the data vault data modeling architecture brings with it new advancements to the data modeling world.  it stands on the shoulders of well-established giants (3rd normal form and star schema).  it utilizes a hybrid approach, best of breed modeling concepts to accommodate real-time data, very large historical data, business metadata, and current images of data across the enterprise.

the patent-pending status has been dropped, the patent has been denied as of january 2005. the data vault architecture is free and public domain

the data vault model is…

the data vault is a detail oriented, historical tracking and uniquely linked set of normalized tables that support one or more functional areas of business.

it is a hybrid approach encompassing the best of breed between 3rd normal form (3nf) and star schema. the design is flexible, scalable, consistent and adaptable to the needs of the enterprise. it is a data model that is architected specifically to meet the needs of today’s enterprise data warehouses. 

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