Skydiving and Harness Safety and DV Testing

the last thing you want when you sky-dive is for your harness to fail (the harness that holds the chute to your body).  that would be absolutely disastrous.

instead, you want to ensure your gear is in proper working order before getting on the plane, and furthermore – you probably want to check the harness every time you go up in the air.

but what if it’s a new harness?

what if you are a test-jumper?  (imagine the stress of that job!)

wow – it’s either a rush or a downer, depending on how you look at it.

now, that’s about the limit of my knowledge of skydiving, but it really relates to putting your edw data vault in to production and exposing the numbers and any “changes made” to the business users.

sometimes, exposing mistakes in the loading process can kill the data warehouse effort – not pretty!

so, what do we do?

we build test harnesses – data tests, functional tests, load tests, performance tests, and so on…  i don’t know any “programmer” who likes to write test cases, or build and execute tests.  i do know of a few quality assurance folks who love this sort of work.  but in the data vault this quickly becomes monotonous – at least when it comes to testing data that has been loaded to the hubs, links, and satellites.

wouldn’t it be nice if you had a way to automate a majority of those data tests?

well, now you can.  i’ve just built a new template for rapidace v2 that generates very specific and pre-defined test cases for testing the data and the structure of any data vault model in the world, it can provide you with a base-line level of confidence about the overall and individual loading processes that you might not have had before.

i’m also in the middle of building an on-line course (this one is short and easy) that will provide you with documentation on the pre-built test cases, how they work, what to test, how to gather results and so on.

if you are interested in rapidace v2, you’ll need to hire my services to generate test cases (which honestly will cost you a couple hours of my time).  or if you are interested in the class, please contact me.

you can read more about the data vault model and methodology here:

you can read more about the rapidace product (open-source) here:

dan linstedt

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