RapidACE – Going Open Source

i’ve decided…the rapidace java product i’ve written is going to be placed in to open-source.  see the news here http://rapidace.com/news/rapidace-is-going-open-source/  i will be re-tooling the web-site, to create a service based organization.  the new “rapidace company” will not only provide the code as open source, but it will provide services around new tool vendors in the enablement space. for data warehousing and business intelligence.

i think it’s time i set the record straight:  i am no longer a “software vendor”, and will no longer be a “software vendor”.  my best skills are around providing services to the industry, and that’s just the way it is.

re-tooling the web-site?  what’s that mean?

that means, the new site will be service focused – offering vendors a way to sponsor tool studies, blog postings, articles, (if they wish), and they can hire me to review their product for you, to give you the low-down on how the product works with data vault modeling and methodology. i will also be offering my services to vendors as a consultant to ensure their tool complies with the data vault standards.

the web-site will offer technical help to coders who wish to pay for it.   those that want a code-walk through, or instruction on how to use the code can purchase my time.  i’d be happy at that point to explain the components.

will you keep the name “rapidace?”

yes.  the name will continue to mean: rapid architectural consolidation enablement  – meaning the company will offer services around using the tool for you, to rapidly produce results for your bi / edw needs.

if you make the tool open-source, why would i want your services?  can’t i just use the tool?

sure you can…  but both version 1, and version 2 tools are complex – they are enterprise focused applications,with tons of configuration options.  wrapping my services around their utilization make it easier for you to get off the ground.  version 1 has a number of hard-bugs (major design flaws), and v2 has no gui – it’s all 100% command line driven with xml configuration files (today).

what will you offer on the new site?

1. a blog – entries about the “products and vendors of those products” (like wherescape red, analytix (cross-ref manager), quipu, and bi-ready)

2. blog entries about the current state of the industry, and future trends.

so what is the rapidace tool anyhow?

rapidace forward engineers data models (from source to staging areas, from stage to data vault, from data vault to star schema, and star schema to master data models).  it also consolidates data models, and merges disparate data models together.  during these functions it automatically tracks / produces the cross-reference (source to target).  version 1 has a “broken code-generation system”, where v2 is all code generation for now, and currently has templates to generate informatica mappings.

do you have questions?  about the services? about the tool?  feel free to drop me a comment here, or leave a note / contact me on the newly re-tooled web site: http://rapidace.com


dan linstedt

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