Q&A:What does the ETL for DV look like? Sample?

here’s another answer to another question… this time they want to know what etl implementation for a data vault looks like.  if you have comments, thoughts, or other experiences i encourage you to add your comment to the end of this posting.   as you know, i’ve launched one-on-one coaching, this is the kind of knowledge you get within the walls of one-on-one coaching. but for today  – i’m giving you the answers free to show you the kind of value you get when you sign up for my coaching sessions.  contact me today: coach@danlinstedt.com for more information.

what does an etl implementation look like?  sample?

whether you’re doing etl or elt, or etlt it doesn’t matter anymore.  the data vault is all about patterns.  repeatable, reliable, consistent patterns.   the etl is so simple that even folks who’ve never touched an etl tool before in their career can load a data vault.  you just give them one of three patterns: load a hub, load a link, load a satellite – and voila!  they are up and running. 

i’ve even got a saas model that is launching soon that you will be able to drop in:

  1. a source data model (staging area)
  2. a data vault model (target),  
  3. an excel cross-reference (source-to-target map) 

inside of 1 minute, you’ll receive all the pre-generated mappings for your etl engine of choice, right out of the box!! 100% error free, fully restartable, ready for partitioning, and fully compliant with all the data vault rules.

pretty soon there will be no more mundane work to do to get a data vault loaded.  all you’ll have to do is sign up to use my software.  if you know how to use a web-browser, and you know what source and target data models are, then there’s nothing to it.  you can have my web-service generate the mappings for you immediately.

i’m using it today, and can generate new load mappings within 24 hour turn-around time from receiving a decent staging model (after i’ve built the fields into the target data vault model).  if you sign up for my coaching sessions, you’ll receive free use of the software as a service as long as you are a member.

you asked about samples… right here, right now – download oracle 11gr2 standard edition, download oracle warehouse builder, then take the samples right off my blog entries and using ombplus, script them in to your environment and run them. 

by the way, as part of the coaching sessions you get full downloadable examples – for ssis & sqlserver, for informatica and sqlserver, and for owb/omb and oracle databases.

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