Q:Are Satellite Tables Required?

the latest question i received is:  do all the hubs and links will have satellites or only some of them?  in this post i will answer this question.  if you have a minute, please register for free for the blog (click blog->register), so that you can be updated with the latest release of information.  also note: i answer questions like this frequently inside the coaching area.


satellite tables are not required for every hub nor for every link.  however, it is recommended that they be built.  why? because satellites provide context to answering your questions, they define the meaning of the keys, or the meaning of the relationship.

so, a hub or a link without any satellites is “acceptable”, but it is undefined.  there is no meaning that can be attached to it (that is the statement you are making when you construct hubs and links without satellites).

it is always better to add context if you have it to produce a well-defined key.

hope this helps,
dan linstedt
ps: on-line classes for implementation can be found at: http://datavaultalliance.com

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