Q&A:Insert Only and CRUD Support

this posting asks (i think) about using a data vault model as an ods, or operational data vault if you wish…  if you have comments, thoughts, or other experiences i encourage you to add your comment to the end of this posting.   as you know, i’ve launched one-on-one coaching, this is the kind of knowledge you get within the walls of one-on-one coaching. but for today  – i’m giving you the answers free to show you the kind of value you get when you sign up for my coaching sessions.  contact me today: coach@danlinstedt.com for more information.

how does the “insert only” part of this approach this support crud on the source systems?

well, this is interesting indeed.  crud is an ackronym for create update delete.  but, should we ever be updating data in a data warehouse?  is this even legal??  i’d say no.  judging by what i know about sox and compliance, it says that changing or tampering with the data sets are a federal offense.  data going in to a data warehouse should never be updated.  now, the question is: are you going to use the data vault as an ods??

if you are, then that’s a different set of worms.  there are blog entries and posts i’ve made discussing the nature of operational data warehousing, it is not easy.  if you are going to embark on this, you will require my assistance to get it right.  in this case i would definately recommend you contract with me for data vault model reviews.

data vault is for data warehousing, it’s that simple.  crud on the source systems is crud on the source systems.  this question is fairly redundant – and it is possible i don’t understand what (exactly) they are asking for.  anyhow, insert only is for all user based data sets.  there is an “end-date” in the satellites which gets updated, and if you want to know more about end-dates, load-dates and the like – then sign up for my coaching sessions.

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