New Data Vault Certification Program!

i’ve been asked about this over the past several years.  i am now happy to announce easier methods to become certified, cheaper (in terms of cost) methods to become certified, and new tracks to become certified in.  these certifications are meant for you as an individual to enhance your existing knowledge, or to prove to your employers that you understand the data vault model and methodology in its entirety.  i am finally offering you the chance to become certified directly from me, in an on-line format!

ok, what about certification?

your existing certifications (if you already have them) will still stand.  however, i am announcing a brand new line-up of certifications.   these tracks are currently be considered as offerings.  i would love to hear from you if there is a certification you want that you don’t see here, please post it in a comment at the bottom of this entry.   *note: these tracks and their titles may be subject to change.  however, here is the tentative list for now.

  • data vault modeling fundamentals & basics – dv2.0 focused (all of dv1.0 + the new dv2.0 pieces)
  • data vault master – including advanced topics, key structuring, practical data vault skills (yes, you can finally become a data vault master through my certification)
  • data vault loading, etl & sql processing
  • data vault business case modeling, use cases, process models to requirements
  • data vault data mart building, querying, staging out, edw+, virtualization, etc…
  • data vault real-time processing, getting data in to the data vault in real-time

will i be able to get certified anywhere else?

i will be the only one offering these certifications for the foreseeable future.  you will be able to get them only in the on-line training platform that i offer at

what will the cost look like?

the cost will be reasonable.  the final costs have not been decided, but i believe that the costs for certification will be around $1497 usd – the same as the pricing for the training classes or preparation classes that you will have to go through in order to get certified.  yes, they come with a full class, a preparation class where you can download workbooks, working examples, and hands-on do-it-yourself elements.  you will also have one full year of access to the class you purchased, and can ask questions by posting comments on the individual video lessons.

will i have to attend a class *in person* to get certified?

no.  you will be able to take the courses on-line in my training portal learn data vault.  the courses will be preparation for certification, followed by an on-line exam.  then the exam will be followed with a conference call where i will personally test your knowledge.  in some cases, practical experience examples will be required to be handed in and graded.  once you pass certification, i will mail you your certificate, signed by me.

do i ever need to get re-certified?

no.  you will not need to get re-certified – not at least for dv2.0.   there are no moratoriums, and no enforcement for re-certification, and your certification will not run-out.

if i already have certification, can i take any others you have listed?

yes.  you can take any of the other certifications if you wish to enhance your skill set.  the only certification that has a per-requisite is data vault certified master.  to become a certified master, you must have an existing data vault fundamentals or basics (or existing) certification.

if i don’t pass the test the first time, can i re-take it?

yes, you can re-take it as many times as you want without paying for the entire class again.  there will be a test-taking fee of around $499 usd to take the test again.  but that is for the phone call section.  you can re-take the on-line quizzes and re-take the on-line class as many times as you like, for up to one year.

can i get an “in-person” certification class for my employees?

yes.  i will offer all the same classes and tracks for your company, if you want it – as an in-person on-site certification training.

will this certification cover dv2.0?

yes.  the certifications i offer will cover dv2.0

will there be any hand-outs / examples for me to use on my own?

yes.  there will be complete case studies, hand-outs, workbooks for you to download and use in order to prepare for your upcoming certification test.

what is the required environment to run the examples on?

you can use any database engine that supports ansi-sql 92.  the “etl” routines (if there are any) will be offered as a series of sql code segments.  the downloads will be focused on sqlserver 2008 express, but if you know and understand your own database engine, you can use oracle, teradata, netezza, sybase, db2 udb, db2 / as400, mysql, hivedb, cloudera, paraccel, and so on.  in other words, the fully functioning stored procedural code will be made available for sqlserver 2008 express edition.  if you understand the sql, you will be able to translate the sql blocks in to your own native database and run it.

the sql will be block style transformation, and will rely on identity columns in the tables.  for oracle, you can replace the identity columns with selects from sequence generator objects.

i believe (if i’m not mistaken) that sqlserver express edition is available for free?? from microsoft.  it is easy to use, easy to install, easy to setup.

*note: any final “hand-ins” must be turned in for sqlserver or oracle, as those are the only two database engines i currently have in my lab.

how long will i have access to the “certification training materials”?

1 full year.  it’s the same policy i offer for my other on-line courses.  you can take the certification class training as much as you like within a single full year.  when you feel ready, you can sign up to take the exam.


if you have any other questions, thoughts, or comments, please post them below in the comments section.

dan linstedt
ps: you can find out more (soon) at:

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  1. Kent Graziano 2012/07/09 at 1:16 pm #

    Great news Dan! I look forward to see all the new material.

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