Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

from all of my best friends, to all of my readers and followers, i want to wish you a merry christmas, and a happy new year!  data vault modeling and methodology has had a banner year in 2011, and looks to be explosive in 2012 around the world.  i want to personally thank-you all for your incredible support and dedication to making it a huge success!

speaking of success, here are some highlights of 2011, some house-keeping items, and some theories about what is coming in 2012 – if you have theories or ideas about what we will all see in 2012, please email me, and i’ll make sure to get the word out!

highlights of 2011:

  • data vault models were placed in to several corporate products and delivered to customers along the way (including by microsoft business solutions)
  • major banking institutions in canada and the us picked up the data vault
  • colorado springs utilities is a huge success and a reference client for data vault modeling
  • edmonton police services in canada became a reference client for data vault modeling and projects
  • doug laney, vp business analytics @ gartner, is a go-to reference for data vault
  • howard dresner – leading industry analyst wrote the forward to the data vault modeling book: super charge your edw
  • scott ambler reviewed, and commented on my book: super charge your edw – stating that the data vault modeling is a critical step in an agile methodology
  • launched channel
  • laucnhed – an on-line site for future education, and for my book.
  • i released to amazon, and as a pdf my technical data vault modeling book: super charge your edw
  • data vault was taught at bill inmons: advanced architecture conference in denver, colorado
  • data vault user group was formed in the netherlands
  • data vault saw two successful implementations on netezza boxes
  • large activity of data vault postings on linkedin – data vault discussions
  • began speaking to gartner about an “officially” written document / review
  • two us consulting firms became dedicated to data vault modeling as the way forward!
  • data vault makes in-roads as the model of choice in transactional “social integration” back-ends
  • data vault makes in-roads as an operational data warehouse choice
  • data vault makes in-roads as the choice for big-data data warehouses

rapidace highlights of 2011

  • rapidace software v1.0 was open-sourced, you can download it on
  • rapidace v1 has major engineering problems embedded n the core, requires a complete re-write
  • rapidace software v2.0 engine was completely re-written (major advancements in technology) and is now available only under my utilization in data vault consulting services
  • rapidace v2 now can import cobol and xml structures, and normalize them
  • rapidace v2 now can merge, mix, and match cobol fields and xml structures with relational models
  • rapidace v2 now has ontology “reading/parsing/matching” capabilities
  • rapidace v2 now has “smart” business key detection
  • rapidace v2 now has a cross-reference auto-generating engine
  • rapidace v2 successfully generates informatica xml, mappings, shortcuts, sources, targets, shared folders, sessions, workflows, and worklets to load staging and data vault models
  • rapidace v2 reads, writes, updates, synchronizes, and validates excel source to target cross-reference mapping definitions
  • rapidace v2 is now capable of “smart” scoring table-to-table structural comparisons
  • i am officially out of the software business!  yea! (as you can no longer purchase rapidace software)

the largest positive news for rapidace v2 is this:

i’ve successfully used it on a project to reduce 6 months of potential implementation time (with 5 people), down to 4 weeks, fixed bid, and 2 people! 

the projected cost of the project was reduced by 50%

the time to implement was reduced by 50%

the number of people needed for the project was reduced by over 50%

although you cannot buy rapidace v2, you can hire me for a fixed bid contract where i can use the software to move your project forward in a dramatic way.


yes, there are some needs out there.  you, yes you need to help me, and help the data vault cause.

you said to me: i want a paper from gartner about the success of the data vault.

gartner said to me: the best way to get this is to have a customer come forward, and explain why the data vault is good for their business, and how it is different than the traditional approaches they’ve used in the past, and what the benefits are to them.

so i say to you! come forward with your customer and their implementation!

it is now your responsibility to bring me a customer,  do you and your customer want to be written up by gartner?

if so, then you must step forward and bring them to me, i can get the rest done from there!

special thanks to the following people and companies:

  • agiledss, a consulting firm in montreal – for helping with the distribution of knowledge of data vault
  • proxima, a consulting firm in montreal – for helping with the distribution of knowledge of data vault
  • ronald damhof, a consultant in the netherlands, for providing me with work on one of his projects
  • acxius, a us consulting firm working with data vault at two of their major clients
  • lucrum inc, a us consulting firm just picking up and committing to the data vault direction
  • sanjay pande, a certified dv modeler, it grand master, and now – my marketing genius!  thanks sanjay for all your help
  • howard dresner, bill inmon, scott ambler, doug laney for their review and backing of the data vault along the way
  • kent graziano, a certified dv modeler, practitioner, and it grand master, and of course my co-author.  could not have published the book without you!
  • raphael klebenov, a wherescape consultant, dv practitioner, and huge data vault supporter
  • steve hitchman, mip consultants in austrailia, for being a huge dv supporter and fan
  • edmonton police services, for all the wonderful efforts they are putting forward in the area of data vault
  • colorado springs utilities and cj applequist, for agreeing to be a reference client!

the important stuff: my vision for data vault in 2012

so by now you may be asking where is dv going in 2012?  what are the new evolutions happening?  how do i get on the fore-front of data vault developments?

these are my predictions, for what it’s worth – some may happen in 2012, some may take a bit longer to become realized.  however, i believe that dv in 2012 will have an even bigger impact around the world.

  • dv models will find their way in to operational data warehousing and self-service bi implementations
  • dv models will be used for data warehouses placed in to the cloud, and become “data warehousing as an on-demand service”
  • dv models will begin to be “automatically morphed” – structural changes will be applied dynamically, as new elements appear on feeds, the era of dynamic data warehousing will have begun in earnest
  • dv modeling and methodology will make giant leaps forward in mexico, austrailia, china, and spain.
  • i will launch on-line enriched, data vault implementation education at:!  watch for this, this will be big, i promise you.
  • dv models will find their way in to more “commercial” software packages as seamless back-end data warehousing stores
  • dv models will become the source to in-memory cubes and self-service bi
  • dv will continue to be picked up by more major us firms and canadian firms

my thoughts on vendors to watch in 2012:

there are a number of vendors in the space this year that are nascent in their data vault technologies – some have established “data vault” acceptability, however please be aware, that no vendor has (as of yet) gotten their tool to be graded at competency levels, no tool has been “officially recognized” by me (yet) as data vault compliant, i’m still waiting for these vendors to come to me for this.

  • wherescape will make enhancements to their tool for better data vault support, if you don’t already know about wherescape red and 3d then you are missing out!
  • will make enhancements to their tool for better data vault support, check out their cross-reference management tool! incredible!

many happy tidings to you, may your efforts be successful!

i wish you a merry christmas, and a happy new year!  happy holidays!

dan linstedt


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