How do YOU define Staging Out?

there is a lot of talk these days about what staging out means, what business data vault means, even what the term data mart means.  in this entry i want to hear from you.  please enter a comment on this post, and tell me what you think “staging out” really means within the context of a data vault methodology / implementation…

i am curious to hear what you are thinking.  the top 4 best comments will receive the national drug code informatica mappings, sessions and workflows (in xml format) for 8.6.1 and v9 import.  or if you don’t already have it, i’ll give you a free copy of my new technical data vault modeling e-book: super charge your data warehouse.

so, what are you waiting for?  tell me what you think!  define staging out, define business data vault…

what does it mean?  what is it used for?  have you ever needed to implement one?  why?

dan linstedt

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One Response to “How do YOU define Staging Out?”

  1. Jan Willem van der Meij 2011/09/14 at 2:57 am #

    In the dutch magazine DB/M ( I wrote an article about building a staging area for the creation of data marts. I’ve named this method Data Vault Unfold. You may call this ‘Staging out’.

    The staging area is usefull for the incremental load of data marts. Furthermore it’s solving the challenge of combining and converting all the different timelines in the data vault to the timeline of state-oriented fact tables. It is working in production at ASR (insurance).

    The article is written in Dutch, so I hope you are able to read and understand it. If not, I could try and translate it for you (but this is not an easy task for me to do).

    I hope you can obtain a copy of the article and read it. I think it’s definitely a staging out-concept.

    Kind regards,

    Jan Willem van der Meij

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