Feedback on my Technical Modeling Book

first, i’d like to thank all of you who have purchased the book so far.  there has been a number of great comments already pouring in, and if you’ve already read the book but not yet commented, please – log in to the members area on with the link you’ve been provided, and add a few thoughts!   the book is focused on data modeling, and the modeling components of the data vault itself.

the comments i’ve received and have been hearing, are that people are wanting implementation details, standards for the methodology, best practices for loading, and applying the data vault.

the good news is: i’m preparing these as video lessons for the coaching area, and eventually will release the information in the implementation book.  you’ll be able to take full advantage of this very soon.  the coaching area will be the only way to get this information as i roll it out over the next year or two.

the other good news is: that the international standards board will have access to this material as well, especially the standards pieces.

unfortunately i wasn’t able to spend the kind of time i wanted to get it in to the current book – i wanted the existing book to be highly focused on data modeling, the architecture and the structure.

again, thank-you for reading my book.  if you’d like, then you may also comment below on this post.

dan linstedt

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