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False Rumors and Slander about Data Vault and my role

hello everyone, apparently there are those out there in the market place who are spreading false rumors – they believe that i am only in data vault for the money.   let me put these rumors to rest right now.

sadly i feel i have to address these issues, as these folks whom are spreading these false rumors are making it difficult for everyone to believe in the value proposition that data vault brings to the table.  why these folks feel they have to continue making false claims, and slander my name is beyond me.

a bit of history…

i worked hard from 1990 to 2000 to build, design, engineer the data vault (model, methodology, architecture, and implementation best practices).   i published countless blog articles on multiple sites over the years, and helped daniels college of business at denver university establish a masters degree program around bi and data warehousing that included data vault at it’s core (this program is apparently defunct now).

i have published two books on the subject on data vault: super charge your data warehouse, and building a scalable data warehouse with data vault 2.0 – which are available for purchase (just as any other industry trainer or thought leader) at your local bookstore, or on for a nominal fee.

by the way, i make 5% of the profit of every book sale that occurs.  so if you think i’m getting rich off of book sales, think again.  michael olschimke my co-author also makes 5% of the book profit.  90% of the book profit goes to morgan kaufman (elsevier press).

my competitors (whom i am not affiliated with) are actually selling my original and old materials for their own profit and gain on, including the original and past certification exams.

no – that is not me doing that, i am *not* affiliated with anyone else unless they are listed on:

i taught data vault modeling for free from 2001 to 2007 at tdwi us world wide conferences, along with big data, master data, data governance and a variety of other topics.  until tdwi decided that “data vault conflicted with cbip  (certified business intelligence professional) the certification that is highly focused on kimball star schemas.  i even took the cbip exam, and passed at a mastery level.

i have presented for free, at numerous dama local chapter meetings, oracle user group meetings around the country on the basics of data vault, why and what and how, and tdwi and user group meetings across europe.

if i were “in this for the money” – i would have trademarked the names, patented the methodology, architecture, and implementation standards, and i would be charging companies to license the entire process, methods, and ways of working.

sanjay pande and i are creating a new community!! we want everyone to have one place to go for all things data vault related.  we are excited to announce  i really hope you will sign up (at this point i am just collecting your email, so that we can send you notifications when we open the doors in mid august 2018)

my questions to you (if you still believe that i am in it for just the money) are as follows:  do you belong to any other professional associations?  dama, tdwi, oracle user groups, pmi?  they all charge yearly fees / dues.  do you attend any of their conferences?  their conferences also charge entrance fees (have to pay for the hotel, food and audio video somehow).  do you hold any certifications?  if so, was it free to get certified?  no.  all certifications worth anything cost money.  all professional associations you belong to cost money, all conferences you attend cost money.  there is nothing different about the either – we provide value to you.  instead of paying for an instructor to help you on-site (which costs a lot more than $79 usd per year), you simply pay a once a year fee, and can get answers directly from the instructors.


a short note about –  it will be a community for everyone.  it will contain the following:

  • free newsletters, free articles, blog posts, and videos for both business and technologists
  • free subscription – once you provide your email, you will have free access to deeper articles, blog posts, videos, newsletters, and additional information
  • paid membership – monthly, or yearly membership for a nominal fee (small fee / affordable) that will provide you with access to exclusive content, deeper details, and access to training classes

datavaultalliance will have two tracks:  business track and technical track.

if you sign up on the web site today, you will receive discount coupons, and newsletters (free to opt out) once we open the doors.

free resources about data vault that you can access:

paid resources:

more free resources from wikipedia


in reality, i am a professional in the industry.  just like any of you – i have to earn a living somehow, and just like these people spreading these rumors, they too are earning a living (guess what??? off of my materials, my standards, my hard-work, my ideas)…  it’s a real shame that they feel they have to point the finger at me, when they are doing exactly the same thing as i am, except they are leveraging my ideas to do it.

so all that said: i earn a living from training – i love to teach people how to fish, and not fish for them. i earn a living from consulting with companies and government agencies, and assisting them in getting their data vault visions / programs / thoughts corrected and put in the right direction. beyond that? data vault itself is free, freely available, globally documented – heck it’s even described in it’s basic forms on wikipedia. i earn zero from that (which is the way it should be).


data vault is free…

the only control i maintain is over the standards themselves.  why shouldn’t i maintain my own standards?  after all, i built and designed the model, methodology, implementation, and architecture – and i did it for global, enterprise solutions that struggle with real-time, big data, and a whole host of other issues.

these standards must be maintained, as they have been vetted, tested, with years of effort (over 30,000 test cases from 1990 to 2001) and since then, another 10,000 test cases.  all designed with the outcomes in mind of creating success in your organizations.  in other words, these standards are free as well, but are built and designed to help you overcome the challenges and pitfalls that you will run into if you don’t follow them.

most of these standards are documented in the book: “building a scalable data warehouse with data vault 2.0” – available on amazon.  the reason why not “all the standards” are available, is because a) it takes time to vet, clear, and articulate them in proper format for everyone to understand, b) the binding on the book was at it’s limit (698 pages max)

anyhow, i hope you enjoy the successes of data vault 2.0 by leveraging the proper standards in the model, methodology and design around the world.  getting certified with cdvp2 only enriches your experience, bringing your knowledge up to date to include real-time, nosql, and a variety of specific business cases that help you in your day to day job.

additional free resources:

there are quite a few authors that i read frequently, as well as friends that i work with in the industry.

join the conversation!

got something to say?  positive or negative?  don’t be shy and hide behind anonymous posts,  add your comments.


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7 Responses to “False Rumors and Slander about Data Vault and my role”

  1. bob 2018/05/31 at 5:01 pm #

    Thanks for this exhaustive list of resources Dan!!!

    For those interested, I’ve met Dan on 3 occasions and I’ve NEVER found him insincere in his desire to help others understand and utilise Data Vault to solve their business data problems. He has never attempted to charge me for his knowledge or deliberately conceal anything in the interest of financial gain. I have found him to be generous with his time and have never heard him disparage those who try to undermine him or Data Vault.

  2. Rick Mutsaers 2018/06/02 at 1:05 pm #

    Thanks for all the hard work Dan. I know all the work you did, not just for DataVault (which by the way is the most used data modelling methodology for data warehousing in The Netherlands) but also on all the blog posts for Informatica related communities.
    You’ve done an excellent job at creating the DataVault methodology so kudo’s to you and you’more than deserve to make a living off of this.
    Keep up the good work!
    I’ll be spreading the DataVault message for many years to come!

  3. Byron Aulick, CDIA, ECMm 2019/03/01 at 1:08 pm #

    After reading this post, I too am aghast at the gall of folks that think they need to turn a simple man, trying to make a living, into a place they can lay their anger and frustration, possibly based on the fact they can’t seem to make a positive impact on the world themselves! Dan, jealousy is ugly, and mainly comes to those who are successful.

    How about this… lets all play well with each other, and remember the Golden Rule; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    “You go Dan!!”

  4. Jay Daley 2019/06/17 at 1:37 am #

    Hi Dan
    Can you confirm that the DV2.0 specification is still free as you wrote above and in your other post ? I only ask because there doesn’t appear to be any free registration to the website, only paid membership and even then it’s not clear if that gives access to the standards.

  5. Dan Linstedt 2019/10/24 at 4:31 am #

    The specification is still free, I’ll post it again here (it should still be here actually). And yes, it’s available on as well after becoming a member.

  6. Adarsh Vanjari 2020/01/28 at 8:21 pm #

    Hi Dan

    How snapshot data like account balance is represented in data vault. Is it created as a sattelite of a link between account and period (caledar) hub or just a satellite or multivauled sat on account hub?

  7. Dan Linstedt 2020/04/08 at 7:57 am #

    Hi Adarsh, the answer is it depends. It depends on what the source data looks like, and if it’s immutable. If the source data is immutable – then we put it in a non-historized link. If the data can be “edited” then it will end up in a Satellite that tracks deltas. The Satellite may hang off a link (it all depends on the data in the record). We teach all of this and more in our CDVP2 courses: Thanks, Dan

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