Events, Classes and Calendar for 2013

in this post i will announce my schedule for data vault 2.0 training and certification for 2013, along with other approximate and critical dates.  if you are interested in training (on-site/on-line, or otherwise) please contact me.

on-line training (

  • informatica etl implementation – includes over 30 lessons, each about 8 to 10 minutes.  the course focuses on informatica powercenter 9.0.1 etl mapping styles, and covers everything from staging area loads, to hub, link, satellite, point in time, and bridge table loads.  it will walk you through hands-on etl best practices and alternatives for performance and scalability.  each class will provide you with sample data sets, ddl for the staging area and data vault, and xml for the mappings, workflows, and sessions.  estimated cost will be $699, available by the end of february 2013.
  • pentaho etl implementation – same as above, only using pentaho kettle etl tool (spoon).  availability: q2 – 2013
  • ssis etl implementation – same as above, only using ssis (sql server integration services) tool. availability: q2 – 2013
  • data vault 2.0 boot camp – preparation class for data vault 2.0 certification, and includes everything you need to know about data vault modeling, methodology, and implementation.  availability: q2 – 2013
  • data vault 2.0 & hadoop (hiveql) – implementation of data vault in hadoop & hive, more details later.  availability: q3 – 2013

in person training & certification

  • data vault 2.0 boot camp & certification – full certification class, certification test is optional.  first class is scheduled to be held in april, 2013.  cost: $1999 usd (before february 23rd), $2399 usd after february 23rd.  location: saint albans, vermont, send me an email to get signed up.
    • first class: april 2013 – location: saint albans, vermont
    • second class: august 2013 – location: saint albans, vermont
    • third class: november 2013 – location: saint albans, vermont
  • dv2.0 certification test – yes, you can take the certification test by itself, without having to take the boot camp class.  if you feel you have enough knowledge, and you wish to get certified in dv2.0, then talk to me about taking the test (even remotely).  cost of the test (without the class) is: $499 usd (for non-certified individuals), and $299 for existing dv1.0 certified individuals.  you will receive a study guide once you’ve paid your fee.

to get the training on-site, please contact me as soon as possible, as my calendar is filling up for 2013.

current events

  • i will be in australia, brisbane (queensland) from february 1st through february 28th.  if you are interested in meeting with me / consulting with me and you can make it to brisbane, i would be happy to schedule evening and weekend meetings.  if possible, i may hold a data vault 2.0 crash course on one of the saturday’s.  contact me for more information.
  • german data modeling zone & data vault conference – details are forth coming, but should be held around june?
  • german tdwi conference – i may be teaching / talking along with dorffler partners at tdwi germany, on the topic of data vault 2.0
  • netherlands conference – may be june 15th, tentatively setup for now.  discussion on data vault and anchor modeling – highly focused event.  please talk to simone moelenar for more information.

news and newsworthy!

  • i am pleased to announce that i will be partnering with dorffler & partners in germany, and authorizing them to teach data vault 2.0 boot camp and certification classes in german.

if you or your company are interested in licensing the class materials from me, and teaching them, please contact me for further discussions.

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2 Responses to “Events, Classes and Calendar for 2013”

  1. Aakash Bhattacharya 2013/06/10 at 4:36 pm #

    Will you be coming to Zurich in the near future.
    If you have any seminars here, I will be interested to join the same.

  2. dlinstedt 2013/06/10 at 5:22 pm #

    Hi Aakash,

    I would be more than happy to do so, but need at least 10 people to form a DV2.0 certification class. If anyone in Zurich is interested in attending a DV2.0 Certification class, please either comment here, or reply directly to me via email, and we’ll see about setting one up.

    Thank-you kindly,
    Dan Linstedt

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