#datavault: Unstructured Data & Operational Data Vault, Array Conference 2009

i thought you might enjoy some more slides about operational data vaults, and unstructured data (how to connect) it all with data vaults.  i gave this presentation in 2009, yes – even back then i believed there was room for odv and unstructured data sets.  i didn’t get many questions about the presentations at the time, perhaps it was “ahead of its’ time”?  but it’s time is now, it has arrived.  if you like these slides, please let me know by commenting here on my blog.  if you want to use the slides, please put this on your “slideshow”: (c) dan linstedt, 2011-2012 – http://datavaultalliance.com  thank-you kindly,  dan linstedt
part 1 of a 2 part presentation….

part 2 of the presentation…

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