#datavault on-line implementation training portal open!

to all, my new ton-line implementation training portal is now open at: http://datavaultalliance.com   it’s focus is classes that help you build and implement data vault style data warehouses, along with the etl processes.  some of the topics i cover include performance and tuning.

right now, the first class i have released is called data vault fundamentals, and has about 60% to 70% overlap in the basics of data vault modeling, but it also has new sections never seen before, and never taught before.  the sections include sourcing and targeting issues, basic performance and tuning concepts, and brand new sql for loading the data vault, along with how to query the data vault to move data downstream to data marts.  here, you can also download documentation for your data vault, along with copies of the sql that i teach.

the next class i’m currently working on is informatica etl implementation designs & best practices for loading staging areas, and loading data vault models.  this class should be available soon, and will contain patterns along with downloads of a full xml file that you can import in to informatica for implementation purposes.

i have plans to add classes on sql implementation, and ssis implementation, but i’d also like to hear from you.  what would you like to see in this on-line training class area?  what classes would you like to have that you don’t have today?  please comment on this post to let me know.

the data vault model continues to do well, and spread throughout the world as the optimal choice for enterprise data warehouses and enterprise data integration projects.  thank-you for all your support over the years, i really really appreciate it. you all have done a fantastic job for making it a huge success.

soon, i will have more entries about the new pieces coming to the data vault model.  i will be discussing (this year) the following topics on my blog:

  • big data & data vault models
  • unstructured and semi-structured data and data vault models
  • self-service bi and data vault models
  • virtual cubes and data vault models
  • security and data vault models

thanks again, and please reply to this entry to let me know what classes you might want to have on the portal.


daniel linstedt

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2 Responses to “#datavault on-line implementation training portal open!”

  1. michael anderson 2014/12/15 at 11:55 am #

    Hi Dan,

    We spoke at the Data Modeling Zone back in October. You mention you might be offering a Data Vault training in a “Virtual Classroom” format for 2015. Is that available? I visited website,and did not see anything.

    I’ve been asked to build an enterprise ODS. I like the anchor modeling methodology and your data vault practicality.

    Thanks for any info. I need dates and cost for 1 person – myself.


  2. Dan Linstedt 2015/01/05 at 4:40 pm #

    Hi Michael,

    Yes, it will be offered as an on-line video / self-paced course. We will be listing it shortly, and advertising it’s availability soon.
    Cost will be decided shortly, dates: We hope to go live January 15th, 2015.

    Dan Linstedt

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