#datavault #kindle Super Charge Book Available

to all who have been waiting, this is big news for me.  the kindle edition of my super charge your edw book is now available!!  thanks to sanjay for re-formatting it for kindle and publishing it for me.


if you’ve not read it yet, please take a look.  then tell me what you think, and if you like the book – please review it on amazon.

for those that don’t know what’s in the book:

the book covers the fundamentals of just the data vault modeling side of the house.  it does not cover implementation, just modeling.  however, it walks you through data cases, and all kinds of other things in depth regarding the rules, the standards, and what happens when you break the standards.  for the implementation side, you can take the class on http://datavaultalliance.com/training

as always, feel free to ask questions here on my blog.

thank-you kindly,

dan linstedt

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