#datavault in 2016

i’m kicking off the new year with a bang, yes i realize this post is a month late (sorry folks), i’ve been super busy not only setting up new classes with my authorized partners, but also getting ready for wwdvc!  there are tons of new announcements, you should read on to see what the datavault world has in store for 2016.

the standards book for data vault 2.0

if you’ve not yet gotten your copy, you should head over to amazon.com and purchase our new book: building a scalable data warehouse with data vault 2.0  (note: the link may change in different countries – search for “linstedt” or the title of the book).  this book was 2.5 years in the making, and hundreds of hours in the writing, building and testing of all the examples, the data, and the how-to instructions in the book.

the good news? this book only scratches the surface of data vault 2.0, but it is the most complete and accurate (not to mention up to date) data vault standards in the industry.  it is the reference for all the guiding principles in data vault 2.0!

you heard me, the long wait is over – get your copy today!  it covers everything from staging, to data vault, to data marts, to virtualization.  we chose sqlserver as the platform for examples to make it easy to replicate.  most of the sql in the book is ansi-sql compliant, and will run (with minor modifications) on other platforms.  except in the chapters where we talk about vendor specific technology (ie: microsoft olap cubes, data mining, etc…)

we *even* cover virtualization of data marts, building point-in-time and bridge tables, adding indexes, and a variety of other techniques for delivering business driven data to business users.

new course ware for cdvp2

cdvp2 is the only authorized data vault certification. 

why?  because there are brand new materials, brand new methods, brand new platforms to deal with.  michael olschimke and i just spent a full month going through all the materials head to toe, and will be announcing a completely re-worked class.  if you already have an older certification you can show it to us to receive a discount to the new courses.

our authorized training partner: doerffler & partner is offering tons of new courses, all over europe.  you should check their schedule for further information.

i am discussing the possibilities to teach a course in mexico in late june.  i will also be teaching a class in finland again in early june.  i most likely will be teaching a class before the mid insight conference in germany, in april, and i am bringing cdvp2 back to australia (announcements and timing coming shortly).

new materials include: data vault on hive, staging on hive, hadoop / spark / tez, and drill discussions, big data / multi-structured satellites, near real-time feeds (with real-life examples), nosql and hybrid solution sets, hash collision strategies, automation and generation, managed self-service bi tooling, and more!!

there is too much to announce here, but you can head over to http://datavaultalliance.com and keep an eye on the class agenda there.  more announcements to come!

we are constantly innovating, and are currently forming new vendor partnerships – so watch this space!  more announcements on courses / content and certification to come soon.

wwdvc 2016

in case you haven’t heard: wwdvc 2016 is the place to be!!  we expect over 100 attendees this year.  we have kept our one track format to ensure networking is maximized, and learning is optimized.  no fighting over split decisions to go to different tracks, it’s all right there!!

new this year: we’ve added vendor driven hands on sessions!!  come play with the technology before the conference starts.  hear first hand from the vendors on how the tech works to drive customer data vault implementations forward.  get experience working with the technology itself.  i’m *very happy* to announce the following vendors will be at the conference:

  • analytixds – hands-on mapping manager – metadata, automation / generation
  • varigence – hands-on biml flex (view generation / information mart creation)
  • talend – hands-on talend elt (data vault automation, elt creation / big data / nosql jobs)
  • snowflake computing – in attendance, kent graziano will discuss a bit during his presentation.
  • wherescape – presenting new advancements in data vault support

you will not want to miss this event! bill inmon is our opening keynote, sanjay pande will be discussing data vault on hive/tez/spark and drill!!  roelant vos from allianz global is presenting!  and more…  be there or be square!  once registrations are full, you will have to wait until 2017 to get in, so don’t delay – register today.   or visit our site for more information:  wwdvc 2016

more speakers will be announced in the next two weeks, so watch the site and register soon.

oh – and don’t forget your crazy shirt!

what about on-line training?

we are rebuilding http://datavaultalliance.com – giving it a face lift.  we will have a brand new web-presence very soon.   we are also going to add tons of content in 2016 including hands-on data warehousing on hive – a first of it’s kind in the industry!  we will be including more hands-on workshops, practice exams, new certifications, and a host of new modularized courses – all based on data vault principles and best practices from the new book.

some courses will dive in deep to architecture, others will dive in to heavy implementation, and still others will dive in to program and project management (with permission from scott ambler), we have been able to work in dad (disciplined agile delivery) components.

consulting services? assessments?

we now offer two day on-site assessments, and week long assessments.  we also offer three day white-boarding engagements to assist you in building data vault models for your enterprise.   in addition, i’m pleased to announce 2 day agile project planning sessions.  we will adjust the days on-site to accommodate your custom agenda.

we really encourage you to engage in an assessment of your current program, project, data models, architecture, and implementation paradigms.  we have heard of projects “going south” without proper alignment…  don’t let that happen to your efforts!  contact me directly for more information.

any new developments on the horizon?

yes, always.  i’m always working hard at innovating data vault.  the core principles stay the same: flexibility, scalability, auditability, etc…  this year, i’m evaluating the possible best practices in specific areas of nosql and big data.  including (but not limited to) a number of standards, patterns and approaches around agility, safe, managed self-service bi, governance and implementation.  i can’t say much more about this, as all of this is still in the labs.  i will be discussing some of my research work at wwdvc 2016.

michael and i are working on visual data vault enhancements as well, again with some interesting impacts to the industry which will be announced at wwdvc 2016.

that’s all the time i have for now, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like me or michael to come on-site and assist you with your efforts.

all the best,
dan linstedt (c) 2016 all rights reserved



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2 Responses to “#datavault in 2016”

  1. Geoff Coles 2016/02/19 at 10:13 am #

    Hello Dan,
    I have a design question and am not sure if this page is the best area to place it. so please move it to a different forum if required. My question concerns the implementation of row level derivations in the business data store. We have several scenarios where the business key chosen for a hub is not unique for every row of data that we receive from the source. In this scenario we end up with a satellite which has many rows which relate to a single SID in a hub. This work fine for us. However when it comes to implementing a business data store we find that we need to include another column in the satellite and the business data store which has a row level identifier. This enables derivations for each satellite row to be made in the business data store. Is this a common pattern or are we deviating from data vault best practice ?

  2. Dan Linstedt 2016/02/20 at 8:01 am #

    Hi Geoff,

    Technically, (unfortunately) this is a common pattern. Is it part of the standards? no. Is it a best practice? no. Is it future proof? no. Is it a long-term solution? no. It’s a band-aid.

    Business speaking: it’s a master data management issue, and a data governance / alignment issue. This kind of thing really needs to be pushed back on the business to fix, especially if you want to stabilize the Data Vault solution on in to the future.

    This is one of the many services that I offer to clients, I can help you and your customers align with the standards, as well as assist in the level of understanding (of the monetary impact on the business) at the business levels. I do both.

    Let me know if I can assist further, Just drop me a contact note here. Thanks!
    Hope this helps,
    Dan Linstedt

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