#datavault 2.0 Certification Announcements!

hello everyone, and happy new year.  i am proud to announce my new support for authorized and licensed trainers.  for the best possible certification experience, i encourage you to seek out authorized and endorsed trainers.  if they aren’t listed on my teaching license page, then they are not currently authorized nor endorsed by me – the founder of data vault modeling.

have a desire to teach data vault 2.0 certification?

now you can!  with my full endorsement and support.

i am offering individuals, corporations, and consultancies a chance to license my materials – so that they can teach the data vault 2.0 certification classes in their own native language, in their own country, to their own customers.

you can find out more at: http://danlinstedt.com/certification/teaching-license/

what if a company says they offer dv certification?

while i cannot legally stop anyone from offering dv certification (1.0 or otherwise), unless they are listed on my teaching license page, they are not officially supported nor endorsed by me.

if i want to take a dv2.0 certification class, what should i look for?

you wantguaranteed, quality education from an institution that has been authorized and certified by me.  get the absolute best education you can, up-to-date, and most current data vault 2.0 certification materials.  check the bottom of the teaching license page for a complete list of authorized companies and individuals.

can i take the dv2.0 certification test without attending class?

yes, you can!!

new this year, you can take the dv2.0 certification test from an authorized and supported training authority for a small fee.  the current fee is $495 usd – to take the test without the class.   if you do not pass, you must wait 1 month before taking the test again.  note: the fees may be subject to change.

can i take the dv2.0 certification class without taking the test?

yes, you can!!

and it is a discounted class fare.  the current class is 2.5 days in length with 0.5 (1/2) day certification exam.  you can take the class without taking the certification test.  the current pricing for the class is: $2195 usd (without certification) and $2495 usd with certification.

what are the per-requisites for dv2.0 certification class?

you do not need to be dv1.0 certified before taking the dv2.0 certification class.

questions? comments?

please add your feedback below…

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