Data Vault Modeling is NOT a Product!

some folks still think that the data vault is a product.  data vault modeling is not a product.  it is a free & clear, data modeling architecture.  it is open to the public, and the knowledge is considered public domain.   data vault modeling has it’s own rules and standards, just like 1st through 6th normal form (most popular: 3rd normal form), and similar to star schema data modeling.  there are vendors out there who still insist that “data vault” is a product, this simply is not true.

there are “security appliances” which use the name “data vault”, and in those cases, yes – those are products.  but that’s not what has been created here, and it’s not what i discuss.  when i use the term: “data vault”  i generally state it’s meaning as follows: “data vault modeling techniques”.

what we mean is: that this is a method, an approach, a design standard for building, representing your physical data model in an enterprise data warehousing fashion.  it has it’s own rules, it’s own standards, it’s own guidelines, and it’s own best practices that guide you in the practice of using *any* data modeling tool of your choice to build a data model in the style of data vault modeling.

3rd normal form data modeling has it’s rules and standards, star schema has it’s rules and standards, data vault modeling has it’s rules and standards; and if you really must know: it’s been likened to 3 and 1/2 normal form.  some parts are 3rd normal, others are 4th normal, and others are 2nd normal form.  if you remove the repeating attributes that are “system driven”, then hubs become 6th normal form, satellites become 2nd or 3rd normal form, and links become 6th normal form.

it’s unfortunate that this confusion still exists – but it does.  so here it is in black and white: “data vault modeling” really is: “common foundational warehouse modeling architecture”  – that’s the real name for it.  and yes, it is open and public domain, and there are plenty of freely available resources for you to learn about it.

now you want to talk products?  from what i understand: “data vault” appliances, and devices are “security based” and “backup/redundancy” based.  i don’t have any affiliation or tie to these vendors, we just share a common name.

you can find the information in the articles (linked here), the book (yes the book is a product), the web-sites (a whole variety of web sites), this blog (free), the forums on “data vault discussions” also free, and the training/education classes (yes, these are products for sale).

there is an additional piece to the data vault: that is: the data vault project methodology, this particular piece may or may not become public domain in the near future (we will have to wait and see).  for now, the project implementation methodology aka: data vault methodology is in fact a product for sale.

i hope this clears up any public confusion about what is, and what is not a data vault.

dan linstedt

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