Clarification: Training, Standards, Certification

to everyone in the community: there are some questions about how to work with me on the standards, the training, and the certification – so i wish to offer some clarification on these matters.  the simple answer is: yes, i will work with you and your groups.  please, read on…

if you want to become certified in data vault 2.0 you must take the class offered at

for my loyal friends, fans, and followers – here’s the breakdown…

  1. i will continue to call the shots on any changes to standards in both the data vault model and the methodology (i will explain in a minute)
  2. i will be happy to authorize individuals and organizations to teach the data vault.  read more at:
  3. certification or authorization of mastery must be maintained by a me, just like the standards.   100% of the data modeling standards are documented in my book: super charge your data warehouse, available on

regarding the standards

i maintain the standards for data vault, as i am the author, inventor, and creator of all things data vault.

regarding training (authorized training by 3rd parties)

authorized training partners and the program are described on:

regarding certification…

if i approve you for teaching data vault certification classes then:

  • the training must be top notch, the trainer must already be certified
  • the trainer must have proof of several years of implementation and successes.
  • the trainer must have at least two customers with “certified data vault models”.
  • the trainer and organization must be signed up with

i am just stating that in order to maintain the integrity of the data vault model and methodology, that i need to set down some serious rules around who, what, when, and why.

offering certification, is simply one of these areas.

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