2010 Will Knock Your Socks Off

if you think that data warehousing is boring then you’ve already missed the boat. that’s the boat where unstructured data, and operational data are now comping to the party. in 2010, there will be more operational data vaults built in the world, and more unstructured data pumped in to data vaults around the world. data warehousing is far from boring, the fun (and the challenges) have just begun!

why dip only your big toe in the water? it’s time to dive in head first!

operational data vaults are growing in popularity, and in fact are being implemented all over the world today. there are some particularly large odv’s on their way right now that i’m involved in defining. these are exciting times folks – we are in the midst of a revolution (yet again).

what?? operational data in my data warehouse? never!

if this is your mindset, then you’ll have your data warehouse fading into the distance. usage of the old batch data warehouse will drop off from the day you release it; it’s usefulness will “die” a slow and torturous death…. well, in fact it will probably take 2 to 4 years, but if you don’t evolve it – move it forward to put operational data in the warehouse, then the business users will pass you and your solution right-on-by. you will be left in the wings, fighting for something that will become a legacy system sooner than you ever imagined.

business users are forcing / demanding that up-to-the-instant data be available, right along side of all the historical data that the traditional data warehouse contains. they are now looking at how the transaction affects the historical data set on the fly. they are demanding consolidation of databases and access points – not the least of which is to lesson their security exposure. there are many more reasons why operational data vaults are happening now, and why you should be interested in them.

unstructured data is also making it’s way in to the data vault world. how? by linking results of unstructured data algorithms to the structured world business keys. the unstructured data is providing loads more context to the business keys and satellites that surround them. unstructured data is hot and getting hotter. the data vault is at the heart of the flexibility for plugging in many different unstructured data tools results.

i’d love to hear what you are interested in. got questions about odv? about unstructured data and the data vault? please ask….

dan l

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