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Data Vault Education Survey: #datavault

Published on 2011/11/17 by in Data Vault, News

Dear Friend of The Data Vault,

As you may know, I’m putting together some online Data Vault training, that I’ve never released before and it’s not available anywhere else.

Now, the Data Vault has been mostly stable in terms of fundamentals but the people implementing Data Vaults kept contacting me and asking me for more information. I’ve been providing those through blogs, videos and social media interaction as well as formal paid classes.

The DV modeling book was a massive effort in imparting that knowledge and it pretty much took two years of my life. But, now people want to know about DV implementation. So, I’ve gotten e-mails, phone calls, suggestions and more saying

“Create a course on DV implementation …”

“Write a book on DV implementation …”

And, you know – that is exactly what I’m doing. I’ve had a minor setback in the form of a flu, so it will be delayed a bit.

If I was teaching the class physically, the tuition would easily be between $1800 to $2500 for each class (Most often I have not even set these prices, but they are reasonable). However, they don’t take into account travel, accommodation and food costs which are extra.

Since, I’ve never done this before, I’d really like you to help me understand your pricing expectations.

Please answer the questions, and if you wish to add anything, there is a suggestion box at the bottom.

The e-mail is required to eliminate duplicates and to deliver the report promised to you for completing this survey. This e-mail address will never ever be using for any other purpose than to collate the responses. Even the results of the survey will not be returned to this e-mail address, so if you need to, you can use a different one.
Classroom DV courses can get fairly expensive because of the associated travel and accomodation costs even if they're conducted on site. Whether you've taken a classroom course or not, can you select what you think a student would need to spend for a 1 day class?
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5 Responses

  1. Dave

    I’m trying top push forward a Staging Vault with a Fortune 50 company. I’m in the socialization phase right now. Wish me luck ;)

  2. Hi David,

    Good luck, and if there is anything I can do to help you out a little bit, let me know.

    Daniel Linstedt

  3. Kent Graziano


    I filled out the survey (above) but am not sure if this is the right way to submit the response? I do not see any submit button near the questions. Let me know if you see my results please.

  4. Raphael


    I completed the survey…looking forward to talk to you more about our possible cooperation in both education and consulting. My current customer had started the DW project several months prior to my involvement in it; decided to go with the star schema… I only wish I can introduce them to DV model for their DW in the first place…:-(



  5. Kent Graziano


    Got my upgrade to IE today! The form works fine now. Definately an issue with IE 7.


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