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#datavault 2.0 hashes versus natural keys

A short entry explaining the thought process behind the switch in DV2 away from sequences over to hash keys. Also describes some of the issues if Natural or Business keys are selected instead of hashes as PRIMARY KEYS in the Data Vault Model.

#teradata and #datavault 2.0 – thoughts on end dating

Recently I taught a class on-site for a customer all about Data Vault 2.0.  When I got to the point where I shared the template / process for end-dating (updating end dates in place, using a characteristic function) I was point-blank told: “Teradata does not use or have indexes other than the Primary Index”  And […]

Notes on Data Vault and Teradata

In this entry I will explore the use of implementation of Data Vault on Teradata. However, this entry is applicable to everyone in the Data Vault community, as it covers definitions and descriptions of primary keys, indexing, surrogate keys, natural keys, and performance and tuning.

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Want to change or add a #DataVault Standard?

For many years, I have built, authored and maintained the #Datavault standards.  This includes Data Vault 1.0, and Data Vault 2.0.  There are others in the community who believe that “these standards should evolve and be changed by consensus of the general public”. (more…)

Sky Diving Without a Parachute…

Hadoop, NoSQL, Big Data, the introduction continues on a deeper technical level this time. I expose some of the issues, and discuss some of the benefits of applying your data warehouse TO a Hadoop platform. Would love to hear from you, please comment at the end of the entry.

Data Vault Model & MPP Architecture

In this entry I describe parts of MPP and parts of SMP, and how they relate to the Data Vault Architecture. I also discuss some of the finer points of the MPP scalability mathematical principles that are applied within the Data Vault Model.